Friday, June 20, 2014

I'd dig my way out with a spoon!

How quaint.
So, just out of curiosity, what happens if you die and in a crazy plot twist, you find out these "crazy Christians" were actually right [about hell]?
 I'm frequently amazed by how many people buy into Pascal's Wager... that somehow hedging my bets against a bizarre set of assumed criteria is somehow a good thing.

What if...? Well, I'll tell you what I'd do.

I'd slowly dig my way out with a spoon, and fashion together a rope with bedsheets, and slowly plan my escape.

... what do you want from me? What if they're right? Then I'd be in hell. What's your point?

It must be a rhetorical question, because it's not really about asking what I'd do if I was in hell, inquiring about whether I'd throw a barbecue or chat up some interesting people.

It's to frighten you, by encouraging you to think about hell.

My response:
Then their god is a monster.
What if in a crazy twist it turns out there actually is an invisible immortal Tyrannosaurus Rex waiting outside your door, waiting to gobble you up and digest you forever?
Well, I guess you'll be digested forever inside an invisible immortal Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Then again, we have no good reason to think that's probable, or anything but pure fantasy.
Why is an invisible immortal tyrannosaurus rex that digests you forever absurd, but an invisible immortal universe-creating guy who created a torture chamber for you to burn for eternity isn't?

At least Tyrannosaurus Rexes have been shown to be real once.

He didn't respond. I'd love to know what his point was supposed to be.

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