Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Idiotically Obscured Scientific Publications

I've been working on a project regarding anthropogenic global warming, and am hunting around for actual legitimate scientific research on the matter.

The problem is, they're mostly all behind pay walls. Before I can even get my hands on the publication, and see whether it has anything relevant to say on the matter, I have to register with a publication, pay the fees, and agree to not share any part of the publication publicly.

It's no wonder why we're having so much trouble with the public's acceptance of this phenomenon. The crackpots all put their assertions/content online for free, but all the actual empirical scientific research supporting it is hidden away and inaccessible.

That's dumb. This is holding us back as a civilization. Whatever operating costs the journals have should be publicly subsidized, and everything made readily publicly available.

Doing otherwise may literally doom us. But hey, they gotta make a living.

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