Sunday, April 20, 2014

An atheist's take on Easter

From those who I know, who celebrate this particular holiday, Good Friday was met with comments like, "It's a day of sorrow and gratitude".

I find the attitude bizarre. Have these people even thought about the doctrine they're embracing?

Let's be blunt. Assuming we're excluding the whole hell concept, and focusing only on going to haven (as in, if you don't go to heaven, you're annihilated from existence), this is basically the model of the belief system:

God created a place that's basically a paradise - Heaven (God himself, supposedly, wouldn't need such a place, so he would have created it for others).

Here's the catch: for reasons unknown, he arbitrarily decides that one has to be sinless to go there.

My cat isn't perfect. He sheds, sometimes smells like poop, and claws up the furniture (my couch has cardboard ablative armor right now). Yet, I still let him live with me, and I essentially consider myself his guardian, and it's my duty to try to help him have a happy life while he can, even if he's "sinning against me". Whatever disciplinary actions I take are for behavioral correction. Deciding that he needs to be tortured forever does not accomplish this goal.

Apparently I have a power that God doesn't.

I am not "sinless". Hell, I'm an apostate. That's pretty much the worst sin, according to the Bible. Yes, the Bible's one "unforgivable" sin, is a thought crime (Bible gateway). This should give you a clue just how astonishingly morally warped the Bible is, if it wasn't already abundantly clear.

Since I "sin", I can't meet the minimum requirements to get into Heaven.

God, apparently, still wants us to go there... I guess. I'd wonder why, but it's typically so that we can all sit around and praise him unceasingly, because he has an infinite ego to stroke, alongside omnipotence and omniscience. According to ICR, God needs employees in heaven (link). Sort of.
As it relates to work, we note that Adam was given work to do. It was not burdensome, but enjoyable and rewarding seeing the fruit of his labors blossom in caring for the Garden (Genesis 2:15). It was a responsible job, for God had made him the steward of His creation. We aren't told what would have resulted had Adam been obedient, but he was the steward of the entire planet and potentially beyond. What responsibility will be given us in eternity? Scripture only reveals that "His servants shall serve Him" (Revelation 22:3) in heaven and that he who has been "faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things" (Matthew 25:23).
So, despite being omnipotent and omnipresent, God may put us to work doing community service across the cosmos, or something. I wouldn't think God would need any help... on anything.

Whatever the reason, God wants us in, but he's got that pesky rule that he made up out of thin air, and he needs to try to find some loophole for us. One may say that the rule is because of "ultimate justice", but if God is the creator of everything, did he not create it that way? Ultimate justice would only exist, and be important, if he specifically set it up that way. (Note: This is important. God is defined as "non-contingent". Nothing, not justice, morality, existence... nothing would exist, if God didn't establish it - so it's ultimately his responsibility, as well as the ramifications for the way he set everything up)

So, instead of simply just forgiving us, and letting us in.. maybe having criminals do something constructive, like a million years of community service to atone for their crimes... you know, do something useful and beneficial, instead of just the usual blood/carnage that God likes... he must find a loophole instead... in his own rules... that he made up... because reasons.

How did he decide to fix this problem? He's God after all, so it's only unsurprising that he managed to concoct the most immoral patch to this problem that he could. He was mulling it over, pacing back and forth across the universe, and then, suddenly, an idea sprang to mind! (all in zero time)

He realized... all he needs to do, is create some kind of mortal version of himself, have his clone "son" thing savagely beaten, tortured and then executed. That'll inexplicably and magically transfer the things the rest of us humans are guilty about, to him, leaving us de-facto "sinless".

This makes perfect sense, right? If your brother (who is on the run from the police for shoplifting) wants to move into your house, with you and your wife, this is what you do.

  1. You have a son.
  2. ... And have your son beaten and tortured to death, on your brother's behalf.
  3. Your brother appreciates that you did this, and says that he accepts that you did this for him.
  4. It's okay, because after a long weekend, your son's "sacrifice" will be done, and he'll turn into the 2nd in-command head of the household at your side, forever.
Tada! He's no longer guilty of shoplifting! Well, at least in your eyes, he's not guilty anymore, and that's all that matters.

That's what God did with Jesus. Jesus came back alive after a few days, and apparently everything's cool after that, for unintelligible reasons.

... as long as you decide to believe this insane story as true with no supporting evidence. If not, then you're screwed.

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