Saturday, July 13, 2013

Legend of the Guardians

I decided to watch the movie, "Legend of the Guardians".

Spoilers, obviously.

It starts with two brother owls... one who believes in these mysterious legendary guardian owls (which is presented as a mythology), and the other is skeptical.

The two brother owls are kidnapped by some kind of cult/military of owls.

Naturally, the skeptical one falls into line with the racist, "purists", who are out to conquer everyone else... while the "believer" owl goes off to find the legend. Apparently, there's a prophecy that this journey to seek the guardians would happen.

So of course, the one who believed in these mythological "guardians" turns out to be right, and save the day, whereas the skeptical brother is naturally shown to be a fool.

Later, another skeptical owl, is of course the jerk, and of course wrong.... while the guardian king guy becomes a "believer" in the first "believer" owl, and that turns out to be a good move.

Could we once - just once - have a movie that isn't trying to tear down skepticism? Either the skeptic is shown to be a blind fool, or just flat out wrong, if not become evil... whereas the gullible ones are always right and victorious.

Why can't we have a movie where the skeptics manage to save people from their own gullibility, and be praised for that?

Skeptics are not treated well in the media, on a fairly regular basis.

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