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YouTube Theists

I subscribe to a number of atheist and pro-science channels on YouTube. Invariably, I get promoted/recommended videos from theists trying to prove their points. Some of them catch my eye, merely out of some kind of morbid curiosity. I decided to look at some of them.

I'll describe each video if you don't want to wade through them yourself.

Can you still be an Atheist after watching this? Overwhelming Evidence for Jesus Christ!

Challenge accepted.

In summary, it breaks down into these parts:

Part 1

During a debate featuring Richard Dawkins, some guy asks a question, claiming that he personally met Jesus. Dawkins says he's probably hallucinating. I agree. That's about it. The guy provides no evidence... just claims he met Jesus.

There's also people convinced they were abducted by aliens. We need a little bit more than their say-so. So no, not compelling.

Part 2

Switches to two guys, one of whom starts talking about why he thinks the case for Jesus is so strong: Jesus is unique and made unique claims. 

He claims there's evidence for the resurrection - the "Five E's": 
  1. The Execution of Jesus (claims a medical organization looked at the evidence and determined Jesus was dead - I have no idea how...)
  2. The Empty Tomb - everyone in the ancient world agreed the tomb was empty
  3. Eyewitnesses - there were 515 eye witnesses, including skeptics, whose lives were transformed because they encountered Zombie (Resurrected) Jesus
  4. Early Records - claims we have "early records" of all these things - there's a creed from the early church that's referenced in 1 Corinthians, that claims Jesus died for our sins. This is Earth-shattering evidence of the Bible making claims about events, and a church later having a "creed" that agrees with the Bible, that also mentions witnesses and skeptic witnesses. Claims this unspecified unidentified creed is dated to 24-36 months after the life of Jesus, and a wide variety of scholars agree with this dating. Claims it's reliable historical data.
  5. Emergence of the Church - How do you explain the sudden explosion of the church? How do you explain that apart from the resurrection? Continues talking about what the supposed witnesses had for a supposed discussion about the events. Claims the church was established with 3000 members that day.
Thus concludes the video with some music and slide show.

Alright, let's wade through this.

#1, #2 and #3 are begging the question as to whether those events actually happened. He doesn't actually provide any evidence (he thinks he does in #4). Basically, the Bible made claims, and he's just going to go ahead and believe those claims.

We don't know that there were actually 515 eye witnesses.

#4, as I alluded, is referencing this "creed" that's dated to 24-36 months after the life of Jesus. This is the first time I've heard of this. Of course, he gives no references, so I'm not sure.

This (link to website) is one reference, with some guy making similar claims. Again, no citations. Here's another site (link), that makes similar claims. Again, no citations, other than clarifying that the creed is apparently written in the Bible (1 Corinthians 15:3-4).

The search goes on like that. A passage in the Bible proving the Bible is true. These people are apparently unaware of the concept of "extra-Biblical contemporary evidence"... and even if we could talk to those 515 eye witnesses, it doesn't mean Jesus was the son of God. It demonstrates that 515 people believe he was. Tricking large numbers of people isn't unusual. It happens via people known as "professional magicians" and Fox News.

#5 is just one big whopping Argument from Ignorance. Assuming this even actually took place (he failed to give evidence for that), it could mean that these people were gullible. That's not unusual. If an invisible sky wizard is the only explanation he can come up with, all I can say is, "Is that the best you can think of?"

Yeah... I'm still an atheist. There was no actual evidence in this video. They don't know what qualifies as evidence... let alone making a logical (and no logical fallacy) case.

Religious Girl Has a Serious Question for Atheist- Think About it!

Here's a short one.


She was thinking about how a lot of atheists have been bombarding her videos saying cruel things about God, Jesus and her invisible sky father. She has a question for the atheists: If God doesn't exist, who wrote the Bible?

Humans, maybe? Heck, most Christians will admit that outright.. that it was inspired by God, but written by us. 

I wonder if she knows anything about the Councils of Nicaea (link to Wikipedia).

Ouchies! I can feel my atheism crumbling away!

Atheists - DISPROVING ATHEISM IN 40 SECONDS - A question you CAN'T answer

Wow, that's fast!


He has a crucial question for us atheists: If we're so confident in our belief (that's right - belief!), if there is no God, then how and why do we exist?

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if he's a prank.

First, no, my atheism is not a belief. It's not a belief merely because you assert it... but even if it was, you've got a mighty Argument from Ignorance there.

It'd be the same as if I said, "You believe Zeus was fake? Well then how to you explain the universe? Hah! Got ya!"

I have no idea how or why we exist. You're asserting a god is responsible. Do you have evidence for this? This is basic burden of proof material. That's how you "disprove atheism" - demonstrate that a god exists.

By the way, I'm targeting short videos. I'm not really interested in wading through 20 minutes of arguments. This is mostly for fun.

One point that disproves Atheism

Gimme your point.


There's no audio - just a frame that has some written words:

Atheism can be disproved from its belief of the very beginning of the universe - let alone (bothering to debate) beliefs further down the line, such as evolution. According to an atheistic version of a God-less universe: 
1. The universe is finite - with a beginning and and end. How can the originator (of you and me and everything in the universe) itself have an origin?
2. This finite universe began from a point singularity to eventually expand into our present (and onwards) universe. But how long did this finite point of singularity exist before it began expanding? Where did this finite point of energy of singularity come from? And what space (outside the finite point of singularity) was the universe expanding into? (or put differently: what space was outside and surrounding the point of the singularity?)
... and that's apparently the argument - a question.

First, I'd say what the author is describing isn't an atheistic position, as much as a scientific one. Atheists existed before we had any notion of evolution, or the big bang. The only requirement for atheism's validity is that no god has been demonstrated to exist.

Secondly, the Big Bang describes a change of state, and not so much an absolute beginning. Additionally, we don't know that the universe has an "end."

How can the "originator" itself have an origin? I dunno. How long did the singularity exist before it started expanding, etc? I dunno. Technically speaking, the "space" that was "outside" the singularity didn't "exist." That's sort of the point. Space itself expanded from the singularity. It's kinda weird... but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you mean some type of "metaverse", or something.

I have no idea.

How does this disprove atheism? Are you going to actually get around to asserting a cause, presumably a God-cause? If so, what's your evidence that your asserted cause is the correct answer?

This would be another Argument from Ignorance (gosh that logical fallacy is popular, isn't it?), if the author had actually compled making a point.

I was promised a point. Where the fuck is it?

Edit: Actually, it occurred to me what the point was supposed to be, later. I think the part about "What was the singularity expanding into?" question was supposed to be some kind of "gotchya!" It wouldn't surprise me at all, if this was what was supposed to be the argument:

  1. Big Bang theory says X
  2. But aha! X is clearly wrong because Y
  3. Big Bang theory is therefore disproved
  4. Since atheism requires the Big Bang, it's also falsified!!!!11!!

disproving atheism in under a minute re-weigh dumbbell

Uh, okay.


Okay, I think this is a joke. He weighs a dumbbell. It weighs about 125.6 pounds. Atheism disproved.

He's also wearing a crown. Suck it, atheists!

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