Thursday, May 23, 2013

"In God we Trust" bugs me

Having that phrase plastered all over the U.S. physical money bugs me. It was originally religiously motivated back in the 1950's as a McCarthy-era response to "Godless Communism".

Why does it bug me? I think I've figured it out.

As an atheist, if I want to do any transaction with government-sanctioned physical tender, the government has forced me to hand the merchant a note (or series of actual literal "notes" - bank notes) that I believe in a god. 

"Forced" is not an overstatement. If there's a situation where I can't use my credit or debit card, and I only have money to use to barter for the goods, I must use the Government-required tender that has the Government-mandated endorsement of monotheistic religious concepts.

... but it's okay, because it's "tradition", now labelled "ceremonial deism", which, despite still being a governmental preference for monotheism over polytheism, pantheism and atheism, is now magically okay, and totally not unconstitutional.

If it said "In Allah we Trust", pitchforks and torches would be lit across the country.

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