Monday, May 13, 2013

Atheists and Unicorns

An argument exists, which atheists receive on a fairly regular basis - "I don't believe in unicorns, but you don't see me forming groups of opposition" (paraphrased).

Why do atheists always talk about God?
Listen to an atheist or read one and you will notice that they always talk about God, believers, churches, theology, faith, etc. To me this is remarkable. So remarkable that I have give some thought to such a paradox.
He's so close to getting it, yet so far away. It's not a paradox to talk about the core mythology of the group of people who are actively making your life a nightmare, as the source of their motivation. Am I not allowed to talk about homeopathy because I don't believe it works? No, I certainly can, and it's an important topic to hash out, given that so many people waste their money on it.

Stay with me for a moment and I think I can give you a better understanding to my perplexity concerning atheists. You see I do not believe in unicorns. You may and that is surely your right, but I don’t. They are cute in cartoons, movies, and comic books, but I must confess that I don’t believe in them. So what’s the point. The point is that since I don’t believe in unicorns I don’t give them much thought. I don’t write about them or speak about them. I don’t go to conferences on how to stop people from believing in them. I do not fund legal societies to stop people from being able to talk about unicorns in schools and public places. I don’t worry if people celebrate holidays dedicated to unicorns. For me they don’t exist.

It's a perennial argument that only manages to demonstrate that the person doesn't understand what's going on in society, and is completely blinded by their religious privilege.

Get back to me when society at large distrusts you, thinks you're immoral, ostracizes or just plain physically attacks you, because you don't believe in unicorns.

Get back to me when one can risk losing friends, family, one's job, or even sent to prisons in some countries, if these people find out you don't believe in unicorns.

Get back to me when the administrations - those in power - are primarily unicorn-believers, who decide to let legal infractions made by fellow unicorn-believers slide, because they're fellow unicorn-believers... or prisoners are let out of prison early because they profess unicorn-belief.

Get back to me when these administrations grant tax exemption to groups of unicorn-believers merely because they're a group of unicorn-believers... not because they're actually a charity. You make an organization of unicorn-believers, and BAM! Tax exemption.

Get back to me when the United States President establishes "unicorn-based initiatives".

Get back to me when these administrations will even funnel taxpayer funds to unicorn-believer organizations to help them with whatever projects they want... or school-voucher programs to be spent on unicorn-belief-teaching private schools.

Get back to me when unicorn-believers are engaged in a non-stop 24/7/365 battle to completely supplant science education for unicorn-belief mythology.

Get back to me when these administrations, who need to be making important decisions about issues of climate change, global overpopulation or basic societal health, will ignore the science and come to decisions based on their unicorn-beliefs... on behalf of everyone, whether they believe in unicorns or not.

Get back to me when unicorn-believers are generally trying to take over the government, and impose their unicorn-morality on everyone else... and every level of government from schools, or election sites in churches, to city councils to the entire U.S. Armed Forces, are used to proselytize unicorn-belief to captive audiences, on tax-payer dime.

Get back to me when, during child-custody disputes, the judges decide to grant custody to the parent who believes in unicorns, over the parent who doesn't, merely based on that basis.

Get back to me when any attempt at non-unicorn-believer students to form social support groups, so they don't feel quite so ostracized, are stonewalled by school administrations who believe that being a non-unicorn-believer is immoral and they need to turn from their evil ways.

Get back to me when monuments are erected and displayed on public property across the country, promoting and proselytizing unicorn-belief.

Get back to me when, after it becomes known that you don't believe in unicorns, that it's nearly impossible to be elected to any kind of high-level office, because everyone else instantly stops trusting you, due to your disbelief.

Get back to me when ALL of the above conditions are met, and you may start to realize why the atheistic version of "anicornism" exists, because I'll tell you, if the above were happening, I'd be the first to sign up.

I do not fund legal societies to stop people from being able to talk about unicorns in schools and public places.
This, in particular, is notable. "Their side" has a chronic tendency to equivocate "public" with "anywhere that's not in one's personal home". "Public" is referring to the government. No, you're not allowed to use the government to promote religious ideas. This isn't a new concept, either, by the way.

This author is only displaying his dishonesty here, conflating the likes of FFRF fighting for citizens' constitutional rights, with banning religion outside of the home.

To all bent-out-of-shape atheists I say simply, GIVE IT UP! Find something else to worry about like global warming, Republicans, education, war, and rain forest destruction.
So, just sit down and shut up? Lay down and die? How about no?

Keep in mind, that many of the problems we face in the other topics he brings up have some root causes found in religious beliefs and faith. I see what I do as an all-encompassing cure.

Let those who believe in God alone. If He doesn’t exist then why all the worry and concern?
Actually, we do. Those people who do keep their beliefs to themselves, don't try to hijack schools and other government institutions, who don't cross that line from belief, to action versus other people... we leave them alone. The Jewish, Buddhists and Amish come to mind as religious (arguable for Buddhism I suppose), as examples of religions we don't go after, because they manage to interact with the rest of us in this thing we call "reality", on reality's terms.

If He does exist then you don’t care anyway. He won’t bother you. Try not to be bothered by what you don’t believe in and work on what you do know.
He's still managing to miss the point, painfully. I don't care what other people believe. I care what they do based on those beliefs. See my list above.

Also, he's apparently never heard of Pascal's Wager.

The more you talk about God the more likely it is that those who may share your position might begin to doubt it and actually search for Him and find Him.
Quite the opposite. The more we talk about it, the more we discuss it, the more we dissect the concepts and ideas and lay them out like filet fish, the more people deconvert, because it becomes patently obvious they're bogus.

We didn't come this far by shutting our traps. We aren't bound to start now.

A Truce
I suggest a truce.  If you will not worry about those of us who do believe in God, then I promise not to begin a campaign against all those who continue to believe in unicorns.

An ultimatum.

Get your fellow theists to stop enacting their psychotic beliefs on everyone around you, and we'll stop decimating your beliefs for everyone to see.

Sorry, I'm a bit fired up today. Staggering obtuseness makes Hulk smash (intellectually speaking)! He seems to be under the mistaken impression that we're just sitting around being abstractly mad at the idea that people believe strange things, and give them hard times about it, as opposed to addressing an ongoing epidemic of actual harm done to us from those people based on those beliefs, especially when doing so is frequently in violation of the law.

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