Saturday, March 2, 2013

Google Search is Science Friend

At first, I realized that one could do basic math in Google, such as:

37 * 27

Then I realized that one could put in complex equations, such as:

10 * cos(27) / (2 * tan(4))
Woo more.

Today, I was trying to figure out the Schwarzschild radius for the mass of 1000kg (because of reasons), and attempted to see if the common physical constants would be recognized:

(2 * G * 1000) /(c ^ 2)

I saw that it included the units from those constants, but it was wrong. It was giving me meters per kilogram, when I should have gotten meters only. I decided to specify my own units of "1000 kg":

(2 * G * 1000 kg) /(c ^ 2)
And bam! I got meters!

I can't help but appreciate what the Google engineers have programmed into this search engine. It certainly beats my TI-86 from 15 years ago.

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