Monday, November 5, 2012

What? No

This came across my Facebook feed from a relative:

Click to embiggen

For those who can't read the image above, my relative commented on a shared image:
It's worth the try, maybe the powerball that I play at work!!
It's an image of a bag of money, with the caption:
Someone said if you share this picture money will come your way. Just in case - I am sharing!! Good luck!!
By Thor's beard! No. No, that doesn't do anything, you gullible superstitious ... gah!

Are these people on drugs? How can a person possibly think that sharing a photo of money on a social network will somehow alter reality and space itself, somehow modifying the odds of one winning the lottery?

The only sense that this is "worth the try" is because she isn't spending 10 hours a day doing all kinds of random bizarre things, because they might do something, even though there's zero indication it would do anything at all - whether it's lighting candles in geometric circles, forwarding chain emails, speaking words quietly into the void before every action of the day, etc.

Taking this action of sharing this photo on Facebook only cost her about 10 seconds of the one and only life we know she has.

Superstition destroys lives. It wastes your time and energy and money.

Seriously people. Stop. Stop and think.

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