Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving thoughts

This isn't so much thoughts on Thanksgiving as much as thoughts I had on Thanksgiving.Although, I am thankful for the Higgs boson and all the mass it gives us.

Not so much thankful for screaming nieces and nephews and people yelling at dogs commands that they don't understand.

I was thinking that we could use a canine epistemology course, where we instruct the dogs on how to know whether its reflection in the window is legitimately a threat. There's a proper procedures to these things. Dog first detects that there's a deer in the yard, compares it to a wall chart of different animals. This assessment is peer-reviewed by another dog, if available, and if they reach consensus on a legitimate threat, they then commence barking.

I was also thinking that the word "Bible" sort of makes sense. If it had three testaments, it might be called the "Trible".

That's the joke.

Anyway, my projects have been disrupted this month by a number of factors, and I decided to mostly suspend what I was doing. Now that many of the complexities are resolved, I'm trying to start up those engines again.

Last weekend, I managed to catch up cataloging the Atheist Experience archive, which will save me something like 10-12 hours a week (I was nuts for taking that on). Now I can reallocate those hours to something else, like videos!

I've mentioned in the past that animation is a secondary interest of mine, to the point a professor was trying to convince me to enter animation as a career. The videos I've done so far have been pretty much... meh. I think I understand why that is (beyond the fact that I suck). The animation has been almost dead-last in terms of priority. I'd write the narration, for instance, without any regard as to how what I was saying would be depicted. I'd get to particular spots in the narration and then tear my hair out, wondering - what was I thinking?

Next, I'm going to try take the approach of starting with the animation, and then essentially fitting the narration to it, or at least taking the narration into consideration.

We'll see how well that works.

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