Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I was trying to pump out a video each month (just to keep the flow going), but I decided to give myself an extra month on my current topic. I'm making a video trying to explain how prayer can appear to work even if there's no god answering them, based on this essay of mine.

scene in animation
Animation Scene: Testimonial evidence in court

I'll tell you, this one is exhausting. It was originally going to be 20 minutes, but I axed out maybe two minutes. I will review the remaining, and see what more can be removed.

This time, I was a lot more lax about being verbose. Big mistake. Going forward, each sentence is going to be heavily scrutinized.

I'm jealous of those people who just sit in front of a webcam and record themselves babbling. Not me. I have to animate it, apparently. For each statement, I have to sit and think of what would be appropriate to show.

Consider one statement:
Note what I just said - it allows data that is deemed important. There's no law of physics which dictates what information is important or not - it all comes down to you, and what you think is important. 
Okay - so what do I show when that script is narrated? I ended up coming up with something, but it only barely does it. At one point, I had no idea at all, and I ended up just animating a bunch of robots falling down. Good enough.

My dilemma isn't new, of course. Web comic artists commonly have this issue - they have to be scalpel-precise with word choice.

I, on the other hand, kicked my own ass on this one.

I'm not a great animator (or even a good one). It's a sub interest. I was the kid in 6th grade who found excuses to stay in the library during recess so I could use HyperCard. The "Error -36" really angered me.

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