Monday, June 25, 2012

One more problem with believing

In a previous post, I was explaining the problems incurred by believing in a god.

I actually have another.

Believing in a god robs you of the motivation to find the actual truth.

When a person believes he/she has an answer to a question, that person isn't going to continue looking for the answer. For instance, if I believe my mortgage payment was made last month, I'm not going to check and make sure, and correct the problem before I start defaulting on payments.

If you believe in God, that answers several questions for you, such as question of the afterlife, origins of life and morality, etc.

Because you now supposedly know answers to these questions, you're not going to go find the actual truth - because why would you? You think you already have it. You're done.

Science leaves possibilities open to be explored. Our explanations are current best models, and are always looking for more people to investigate further. It's a sliding scale of confidence that continually improves without a final conclusion, ever.

As such, if your religious belief is wrong once. It's wrong forever.

I thought of an excellent example of what I'm talking about. Below is an excerpt from the Dover vs Kitzmiller trial, where one woman is demonstrating exactly what I'm talking about. It's only a few seconds long, and you can watch the full documentary if you're interested.

"In the beginning God created. To me, that's all I need to know"

I rest my case.

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