Sunday, May 27, 2012

Proving God via Haiku - Oxygen and Nucleotides

Supposedly, life started in oceans
There's oxygen in oceans which destroys nucleotides
Alas, you can't explain that

Yes, that's an actual argument someone made.


This is what bugs me about apologists. They learn a few factoids, then contrive some argument based on scientific sounding buzzwords.

To anyone who knows the topics, the arguments are always riddled with flaws. For one, his topic wasn't physics and biology, it was chemistry. In this case, the caller was essentially creating an equivocation fallacy between Oxygen the gas (O2) and the presence of the basic element Oxygen. Oxygen, as it's reacted with Hydrogen is in an inert state, which is why we use it as the basis for most of our chemical experiments - it doesn't react with other things much.

Then, though all this convoluted syllogism of his, he blithely wraps up the proof with a colossal argument from ignorance.

Gah! So much for the "conclusive proof".

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