Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gish Gallops

Jesus admitted that he was a fake. The Bible has over a million contradictions, and Josephus shows that most of it is made up. Chem trails are responsible for Christianity today, as they are all mind controlled. The Qu'ran proves that the Bible is false. All the Gospels are forgeries, as archaeology has shown. Christians just want to keep oppressing people and that's why they keep believing - not because any of it is true. The Genesis creation story doesn't fit what we've found in science, therefore none of the Bible is true. Jesus was a creation of the Greeks as sort of a practical joke. 


That was actually kind of hard to come up with. It's not actually easy to come up with absurd arguments - that takes quite a bit of imagination.

Imagine that you and I were debating on stage, and I spouted off something similar to the above, but double or triple that amount. I had all that memorized and unloaded all of that to the audience in a matter of five minutes. That's a lot of assertions to tackle. Your situation is even worse, though.
  • You have 5 minutes to respond.
  • Although it's not technically fair, if you don't try to refute and of those points, the impression you make is that either you are conceding the point, or are trying to duck out having to respond to a damning claim.
If we were debating, that'd be kind of a crappy move, wouldn't it? Well, it has a name, actually.

The Gish Gallop - a term coined by Eugene Scott, named after the apologist Duane Gish, who developed a tactic of bombarding the opponent with so many lies and half-truths that the opponent simply current address all the topics.

Without actually demonstration anything, or being factually correct at all, this tactic can cause the opponent to lose, in the eyes of the audience. It's incredibly dishonest. It's an abuse of debate.

What's more, each of those points might take a considerable amount of time to address. Consider by addressing the argument from design. It takes awhile, and peoples' eyes glaze over. For every second of spouting off another factually incorrect statement, it may take 5 minutes to rebut.

This tactic isn't always so official. Sometimes they simply try to overwhelm you, talk over you, lambaste you until you give up.

It's not about honest debate to get to the truth. It's about being the loudest.

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