Monday, May 28, 2012

Apologetic Argument Haikus

I have no idea why I'm coming up with these. The goal is to try to capture the argument at the same time that the primary problem with the argument is also captures.


Cosmological Argument

  • Must have a first mover
  • I can't think of any other possibilities
  • It must have been God

Argument from Complexity

  • Life is really really complex
  • Welp, I don't know how this happened
  • Let's say God did it

Argument from Design

  • To me, this looks designed
  • Designed things require designer that's very great
  • There, I just proved God

Transcendental Argument (Logic)

  • Logic is conceptual - needs minds
  • Logic must transcend for everyone to agree
  • "God" will solve problem nicely

Argument from DNA

  • Say DNA is like code
  • Assume programmer requirement applies to DNA too
  • God programmed DNA - didn't debug

Fine Tuning Argument

  • Universe exists with life inside
  • Physical constants and rules are too perfect
  • Alas, you can't explain that

Moral Argument for a God

  • We have a moral capacity
  • Let's not acknowledged this could arise naturally
  • There, God is only possibility

Watchmaker Argument

  • I think everything is designed
  • Anyway, watch doesn't look like the trees
  • That means trees are designed

Power of Prayer

  • Answered prayer proves a god
  • What? No, God won't let you test
  • Take my word for it

Well, I'm sure I could come up with more. Some more or less work, but it's not easy when you have 17 words!

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