Friday, June 20, 2014

I'd dig my way out with a spoon!

How quaint.
So, just out of curiosity, what happens if you die and in a crazy plot twist, you find out these "crazy Christians" were actually right [about hell]?
 I'm frequently amazed by how many people buy into Pascal's Wager... that somehow hedging my bets against a bizarre set of assumed criteria is somehow a good thing.

What if...? Well, I'll tell you what I'd do.

I'd slowly dig my way out with a spoon, and fashion together a rope with bedsheets, and slowly plan my escape.

... what do you want from me? What if they're right? Then I'd be in hell. What's your point?

It must be a rhetorical question, because it's not really about asking what I'd do if I was in hell, inquiring about whether I'd throw a barbecue or chat up some interesting people.

It's to frighten you, by encouraging you to think about hell.

My response:
Then their god is a monster.
What if in a crazy twist it turns out there actually is an invisible immortal Tyrannosaurus Rex waiting outside your door, waiting to gobble you up and digest you forever?
Well, I guess you'll be digested forever inside an invisible immortal Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Then again, we have no good reason to think that's probable, or anything but pure fantasy.
Why is an invisible immortal tyrannosaurus rex that digests you forever absurd, but an invisible immortal universe-creating guy who created a torture chamber for you to burn for eternity isn't?

At least Tyrannosaurus Rexes have been shown to be real once.

He didn't respond. I'd love to know what his point was supposed to be.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No one tell Ken Ham

The science channels have been awash with reports of an "underground ocean 3x the volume of the surface oceans."

First - it's sort of bunk. They're not talking about water, but "hydroxyls" - a "different form of water". Though, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

When I heard this, my immediate thought was, "Ken Ham will love this". One of the objections we have to the Global Flood story is "where did the water come from, and where did it go?"... and he'll just see this as being consistent with the story.

Of course, consistent doesn't mean true. There's still issues of how it came up, and how it went back into the mantle. The surface water we have may have bubbled up from this reservoir, but there's no real reverse (or initial) mechanism to transport such a bulk of water without shattering the earth's crust.

Ham is already fairly good about cherry-picking science to fit his pre-conceived story. I don't know that we need to add anymore gasoline to that fire... though, he does a pretty good job demonstrating how his theological position are a bunch of crackpots.

How does the sunset if there is no god?

I'm not sure what's happening out there in the universe, but since the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, this question seems to be popping up more frequently.

I regularly update and maintain my pet project, Atheist FAQ, and have a mechanism for anonymous feedback (which I mostly get pharmaceutical promotions through), and the above question landed in my inbox.

I'm not sure - is this a real question?

Go outside, when it's early morning or late evening, where you can see the sun. Pretend your head is the Earth, where you're looking outwards, and twirl around. Note how the sun appears to "rise" on one side and "set" on the other.

Where, exactly, does God enter the equation? If this question is serious, I'm not sure the person would understand the answer.

I have a blanket response to the "If there is no God, how do you explain ____?" questions. Maybe he/she just didn't read that far? In this case, the answer is not "we don't know".

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mutually Exclusive rights

The Constitution is more than what's written in the Constitution.

We have in our midst "Constitutional Originalists", who don't like where the country has gone, and want to return to its roots. For instance, why do we operate on this "wall of separation between church and state", when it's not literally in the Constitution?

I can agree with one point - I think the default interpretation of any text is the literal interpretation. That includes the Bible.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's disproven that I own a Chevy S1500

I have what appears to be a Chevy S-1500 Silverado in my driveway.

Or so I thought!

Let's suppose the left door mirror is broken off, for whatever reason. Some pedant comes barreling out of the woods, with the blueprints of the S-1500 in hand, and insists that it is, in fact, not a Chevy S-1500.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Idiotically Obscured Scientific Publications

I've been working on a project regarding anthropogenic global warming, and am hunting around for actual legitimate scientific research on the matter.

The problem is, they're mostly all behind pay walls. Before I can even get my hands on the publication, and see whether it has anything relevant to say on the matter, I have to register with a publication, pay the fees, and agree to not share any part of the publication publicly.

It's no wonder why we're having so much trouble with the public's acceptance of this phenomenon. The crackpots all put their assertions/content online for free, but all the actual empirical scientific research supporting it is hidden away and inaccessible.

That's dumb. This is holding us back as a civilization. Whatever operating costs the journals have should be publicly subsidized, and everything made readily publicly available.

Doing otherwise may literally doom us. But hey, they gotta make a living.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

An atheist's take on Easter

From those who I know, who celebrate this particular holiday, Good Friday was met with comments like, "It's a day of sorrow and gratitude".

I find the attitude bizarre. Have these people even thought about the doctrine they're embracing?